Learning Resources for Volunteer Tutors Who Work with Adults

















star bulletCOABE 2018 Workshop: Cultural Influences on Teaching and Learning

star bullethttp://www.onlinetutortraining.com/ - Literacy New York, in collaboration with Think60, developed online tutor training for volunteer tutors in adult literacy programs, Outcomes (I2O), based on research and evidence-based practices. I2O includes three workshops: Basic Literacy Learner: Reading Basics, Basic Literacy Learner: Math Basics, and English Language Learner: Language Basics. Included in each workshop is a unit on successful tutoring, which has always been the hallmark  of tutor training in our network. (Thanks, Kathy Houghton, a LINCS member.)

star bullethttp://tutorsofliteracy.blogspot.com/ - Tutors of Literacy in the Commonwealth Tutor Resource Site: This site is for tutors of adult literacy learners. Get information on tutoring techniques, online resources, professional development and more. Remember - People don't care what we know until they know that we care!!!

star bullet https://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/departments/library/literacy/oltt/home.html - The Illinois Secretary of State developed an online tutor training module. While the first lesson is specific to Illinois, the site offers a great deal of valuable information for all. (Thanks, Kathy Tracy, a LINCS member and community moderator.)

star bulletOnline Tools and Resources Micro-Group. Review a helpful list of technology items for volunteers to learn from, developed by a LINCS micro group. Access a review of the group's work, as well as all the completed evaluations at this link. This group developed a list of resources, an easy to use evaluation form, and a system of compiling data from those evaluation forms to help teachers and volunteers determine if an online tool or resource could be effective for their learning needs. The link to the 2017 micro-group is https://community.lincs.ed.gov/group/2017-online-tools-resource-evaluation-micro-group. Participants will have to register as a member of LINCS before joining the micro-group. Members of LINCS can simply search for the "2017 online tools & resource evaluation micro-group" and request to join. Inviting educator friends adds to the fun and the combination of local and digital collaborations can offer rich experiences.  (Thanks, Ed Latham, a LINCS member and micro group moderator.)

star bulletTutor Ready- Tutor Ready is a free professional development tool for teachers of adults. It was developed by a partnership with LINCS, Portland State University’s Learner Web, California Libraries, and supported with funding from OCTAE at the U.S. Department of Education. Unlike many other adult basic skills professional development approaches, Tutor Ready is “just-in-time” professional development. It's an asynchronous, online system built on authentic questions that adult reading tutors often ask, usually after they have received an initial 15-20 hours of face-to-face training, and after they have been matched with adult learners. Thanks, David Rosen, a LINCS member and community moderator.